Branching and Refactoring

Mark Mandel made an interesting post about branching strategies when you have both feature development and refactoring to perform together. ¬†Specifically, he’s wondering how best to ensure you don’t orphan the refactoring if you abandon the feature, since the refactoring might be useful elsewhere.

I posted my comments, and you should too.  Effectively using your tools is vital to success in the software world, and no tool has more potential value (and potential pitfalls) than source control.

Everything you care about having around tomorrow should be stored in source control.  That obviously means your source code, but also includes your build/deploy scripts, editor/IDE config files, design documents, etc.

One thought on “Branching and Refactoring

  1. Hi Barney,

    I understand my comments not related to your post but I just came across your blogpost on But realized the thread as well as the site is not active anymore.

    I’ve got both authentication and authorization working as they should be in my setup. However, path based restrictions don’t seem to work for sub folders. Please see Authz snippet below:

    ctrlMusers = user1, user2, user3

    [/]@ctrlM = r

    @ctrlM = rw
    @developers = r
    * =

    From the above, I’m restricting write access only to ctrlMusers. But sadly, ControlM folder has too many sub directories (SVNCOPY/ControlM/trunk/AciCore/build/release1)

    user3 is not able to commit a file under SVNCOPY/ControlM/trunk/AciCore/build/release1 even though he has RW access at the parent folder level (ControlM). How do I go about resolving this issue? Thanks.

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