I am a mercenary.  This is a weird revelation, as “mercenary” usually carries a “solder” connotation with it.  And usually across national boundaries and/or affiliations.  But it perfectly matches what I am: I solve problems the highest bidder can’t solve on their own.

There is no allegiance in either direction; there is nothing beyond utility.  No mercenary dies and has their employer mourn.  No mercenary succeeds and gets an award.

This seems at odds with the “craftsman” label I’d previously adopted as an apt descriptor, but I’m hesitant to disagree.  An traditional artist/craftsman who works on commission is exactly the same: a mercenary sans violence.

I have a certain set of skills.  They don’t happen to be martial in nature, but they are certainly worth people paying to have at their disposal.  Where is the line?  What is the differentiator?